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remove toxic people from your life unapologetically and without explanation. free yourself. do it now. don’t worry about the consequences just do it. go.

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some white boy: why is it called history— why not herstory? makes u think huh?

y’all: omg he’s a feminist *leaks* imma make a home for his dick inside me.

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'American Horror Story': First Look at Freak Show Cast Art
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when i was little i wanted to go spend the night with my friend but my mom said no so i choreographed some dance to breakaway by kelly clarkson and i even broke a toothpick when the song said something about breaking away and she still said no 

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all i ever say is “ugh” because it can show confusion, lust, disgust and contempt, and that’s pretty much my life 

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everyone you idolize wakes up scared to be themselves sometimes. pete wentz (dec. 2005)

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when your teacher is being a bitch after you forgot your homework


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