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Not that smart. Not that hot. Not that nice. Not that funny.
That’s me: I’m not that. Will Grayson, Will Grayson - John Green (via diluviium)

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i just heard a bouncing noise and then that was followed by my dad saying

"oh no my potato"

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The face she gives me when she wants to get on the couch

let her on the damn couch you monster


My goal is to be very, very cute but also very, very spooky

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When the Nazi concentration camps were liberated by the Allies, it was a time of great jubilation for the tens of thousands of people incarcerated in them. But an often forgotten fact of this time is that prisoners who happened to be wearing the pink triangle (the Nazis’ way of marking and identifying homosexuals) were forced to serve out the rest of their sentence. This was due to a part of German law simply known as “Paragraph 175” which criminalized homosexuality. The law wasn’t repealed until 1969.

This should be required learning, internationally. 

You need to know this. You need to remember this. This is not something to swept under the carpet nor be forgotten. 
Never. Too many have died for the way they have loved. That needs stop now. 
Make it stop? 

I did a report on this in my World History class my sophomore year of high school. It was incredibly unsettling.

My teacher shown the class this. Mostly everyone in the class felt uncomfortable. 

I have reblogged this in the past, but it is so ironic that it comes across my dash right now. I a currently working as a docent at my city’s Holocaust Education Center (( I say currently because I’ve also done research and translation for them )) and our current exhibit is one on loan from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum ((USHMM)). This is a little known historical fact that Paragraph 175 was not repealed after the war and those convicted under Nazi laws as a danger to society because they were gay were not released because they had be convicted in a court of law. There was no liberation or justice for them as they weren’t considered criminals, or even victims for that matter. They were criminals who remained persecuted and ostracized and kept on the fringes of society for decades after the war had been won. Paragraph 175 wasn’t actually repealed until 1994. And it was only in May 2002, that the German parliament completed legislation to pardon all homosexuals convicted under Paragraph 175 during the Nazi era. History has forgotten about these men and women — please educate yourselves so this does not happen again. Remember this history. Remember them.
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Confused husky pup

He’s not expressing confusion, he’s tilting his head for better sound localization. While having an ear on each side of the head is good for lateral echolocation, tilting the head so that the ears are offset gives it vertical depth.


Thank you dog side of tumblr!

i need this for reasons
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Aries: typhoons 
Taurus: dry and hot
Gemini: sleet 
Cancer: snow
Leo: sunny
Virgo: windy
Libra: cloudy 
Scorpio: hail
Sagittarius: wildfire 
Capricorn: thunderstorm
Aquarius: mist
Pisces: rainy

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Taking naked pictures of yourself does not make you a bad person. People who share them without your permission are bad people.

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